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How can I activate Windows 7 via phone system?

If the Windows 7 online activation is not possible, you can activate Windows 7 via phone system!

(Image-1) Activation via phone system! Windows-7 activation via phone system

Please start the cmd.exe in administrative mode!
See the Windows-7 FAQ-23:
... Start the Windows 7 cmd.exe in administrator mode!

In the cmd.exe, execute "SLUI 4" (execute= Press [ENTER]) (Image-1).

And than "Click the nearest location" for activation via phone system (Image-2)!

Then you can see (See Image-3) the phone number and get a confirmation ID!

(Image-2) Click the nearest location! Windows-7 activation via phone system

Step 1: To get a confirmation ID, call:
Step 2: Follow phone system instructions to enter the installation ID:
Step 3: Type the confirmation ID the phone system gives you:

(Image-3) get a confirmation ID, call! Windows-7 activation via phone system

Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine and that it has not been used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. In this way, activation helps prevent software counterfeiting.

FAQ 37: Updated on: August 28th 2014 08:47
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