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How can i sign up, register, log in on Facebook.com?

Registration at Facebook.com works quite simply and is for for everyman / woman which have reached the thirteenth year, accessible.

1.) Sign Up, Register on Facebook.com!
2.) Log in on Facebook.com!
3.) How old you have to be to register for Facebook.com!

# Sign Up, Register on Facebook.com!

Step 1
Open in your Internet browser the Address of FaceBook: facebook.com [Image-1 Address-Bar]
Step 2
Then enter your personal data [also Image-1 Sing-Up].
Step 3
Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail, to activated (verified) the Facebook.com registration.
Step 4
In Your e-mail account, you can call (open) the activation e-mail from Facebook and by a direct click on the activation link they can enable Facebook account directly. Or by copying and pasting the activation link in the address bar of your browser and press [Enter].

Image-1: sign up, registerogin and log in at Facebook.com sign up, registerogin and log in at Facebook.com

# Login on Facebook.com!

Simply log on to the current browser and click (activate) "Keep me logged in" (See Image-2), for example if you will upload several video clips, saves you login time to enter username and password for each video clip.
Image-2: FaceBook log in on Facebook.com FaceBook log in on Facebook.com

# How old do you have to be to register for Facebook.com!

To be eligible to sign up for Facebook.com, you must be at least 13 years old.

See in German : ... Wie kann ich mich bei Facebook.de anmelden, oder registrieren?

FAQ 1: Updated on: February 2th 2015 19:32

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