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Burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file on Windows-7?

When you want to burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file on your Windows-7 OS, insert an recordable CD, Blu‑ray, DVD, or  Disc into your disc burner.

Open the  Computer folder and select in Windows-7 file Explorer the ISO file, then use right mouse click  
and select "Burn disc image" (... see Image-1 Arrow-1)

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How to Burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file on  Windows-7
How to Burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file on Windows-7

The new disc has the same folders, files, and properties as the original disc. The most common way to get an ISO file is to download it from a website. For example, you might download and then use an ISO file to update software on your computer.

Windows-7 Disc Image Burner and Verify disc after burning!
Windows-7 Disc Image Burner and Verify disc after burning!

FAQ 80: Updated on: January 23th 2014 22:20
FAQ: Windows-7
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