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Enable/disable Aero Transparency via Desktop Shortcut in Windows 7 and Vista?

To temporarily enable or disable aero transparency via desktop shortcut in Windows 7, create "Aero Transparency Shortcut"

(Image-1) New Shortcut on the Windows-7 Desktop
New Shortcut on the Windows-7 Desktop

Right-click at the free space on the Windows-7 Desktop and then click "New" and "Shortcut" (see Image-1)

The "Create Shortcuts Wizard" helps you to create new Shortcuts (see Image-2)
And then enter the commands in the "Location box" (see Image-2)

To Disable Aero (Turn Transparency Off):
rundll32.exe dwmApi #104

To Enable Aero (Turn Transparency On):
rundll32.exe dwmApi #102

See the result: (Image-3)

Or Download the Tool: ... TemporaryAeroDissable.zip
Image-2: Create a Shortcut to enable or disable Aero Transparency in Win7!
Create a Shortcut to Enable or Disable Aero Transparency in Win7!

Image-3: Shortcuts Aero on and Aero off on Windows-7 desktop!
Shortcuts Aero on and Aero off on Windows-7 desktop

FAQ 52: Updated on: September 1th 2014 11:31

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