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Help, no remote desktop connection to Windows 10 possible. why not?

To allow the remote desktop connection to Windows 10 PC, of course the remote connection must be activated / enabled on the Windows 10 operating system. Here is the solution!

To open the settings for the Remote Assistance / Remote Connections to in Windows 10, please run the command sysdm.cpl, best from the Windows 10 run dialog.

For example, through the Windows Logo + R key combination.

In Windows 10 system properties, please select  the Tab Remote. And activate the remote-options.
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Important! A Remote Desktop Connection is not possible with an account without password.

This is the Solution for Win-10 Home: 
 Enable Remote Desktop on Windows-10 Home, how to? 

(Image-1) Windows-10, allow Remote desktop connection!
Windows-10, allow Remote desktop connection!

The RemoteApp and Windows-10 Desktop Connections is a Windows-10 feature you can use to access programs and desktops (remote computers and virtual computers) made available to you by your workplace's network administrator. With a connection, all of these resources are located in a single, easy-to-access folder on your Windows-10 computer.

FAQ 86: Updated on: October 14th 2015 14:22

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