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Start navigation click sound in Windows 10 (Enable, Explorer)?

Who is accustomed to the sound of clicking when navigate, he don't wants to miss the navigation click sound in Windows 10. The solution is very simple to activate the navigation clicks in Windows 10!

Please run through the Windows 10 Control Panel, the sound settings via the Sound icon.

Or directly from the Windows 10 run dialog and command control /name Microsoft.Sound /page Sounds

Now you can quite easily activate the Windows navigation click sound. (... see Image-1 Arrow 1 to 6)

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(Image-1) Activate Navigation Click-Sound in Windows-10!
Activate Navigation Click-Sound in Windows-10!

List of Window 10 Sonds:
Calendar Reminder
Close Program
Critical Battery Alarm
Critical Stop
Default Beep
Desktop Mail Notification
Device Connect
Device Disconnect
Device Failed to Connect
Instant Message Notification
Low Battery Alarm
Menu Command
Menu Pop-up
Message Nudge
New Fax Notification
New Mail Notification
New Text Message Notification
NFP Completion
NFP Connection
Open Program
Print Complete
Program Error
Restore Down
Restore Up
Show Toolbar Band
System Notification
Windows Change Theme
Windows User Account Control
File Explorer
Blocked Pop-up Window
Complete Navigation
Empty Recycle Bin
Fax error
Fax sent
Feed Discovered
Incoming call
Move Menu Item
Notification bar
Search Provider Discovered
Start Navigation
Microsoft Developer
Erstellen abgeschlossen
Fehler beim Erstellen
Fehler in Ausgabe
Warnung beim Erstellen
Warnung in Ausgabe
Windows Speech Recognition
Disambiguation Numbers
Disambiguation Panel

FAQ 80: Updated on: May 10th 2017 12:57
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Asked questions on this answer:
  1. It is very simple, to enable the navigation clicks in Windows 10!?
  2. Anyone familiar with the sound of clicking while navigating, would of course not miss in Windows 10. The solution is very simple to activate the navigation clicks in Windows 10!?
  3. How to enable navigation sound in win 8 pro?
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