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Create own desktop background slide show for Windows-10!

It's very easy to create own desktop background slide show in Windows-10, with own images!

1.) ... Create a new Folder for own Pictures!
2.) ... Use your own pictures for Windows-10 Wallpaper!

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1.) Create a new Folder for own Pictures!

For example run MS-Explorer via keyboard shortcut Windows-Logo+E and enter in Address Bar shell:My Pictures and create a New-Folder in this example Images1. And put your own pictures in this folder.

(... see Image-1 Arrow 1 to 5)

(Image-1) New Folder for Desktop background slide show in Windows-10!
New Folder for Desktop background slide show in Windows-10!

2.) Use your own pictures for Windows-10 Wallpaper!

Please open the Wallpaper settings, for example: Windows-Logo+R Keyboard Shortcut (Run Dialog) and the command:
control.exe /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper

Now click the button Browse. And select the folder with your own images eg. pictures.

And don't forget to Save Changes (... see Image-2 Arrow 1 to 4)

Info: To create in Windows 10 a slide show of pictures for the Windows-10 desktop, you must select more than one picture. If only one picture is selected, the slide show ends and the selected picture becomes the Windows 10 desktop background.

(Image-2) Own desktop background slide show for Windows-10!
Own desktop background slide show for Windows-10!

If the pictures that you want to use aren't in the list of Windows-10 desktop background pictures, click the Picture location list to view other categories, or click Browse to search your Windows-10 computer for the folder where the pictures are located.

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FAQ 144: Updated on: September 15th 2016 16:53

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