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How to control aggressive programs under Windows 8.1, 8 and 10?

To control aggressive programs and processes under Windows 8.1, 8 amd Windows-10, t

he solution is simple!

1.) ... Check the performance and prioritization of processes!
2.) ... Windows 8.1 relieve by end. kill of the processes!
3.) ... Restart the processes (programs)!

1.) Check the performance and prioritization of processes!

If you want to relieve the CPU from a CPU-intensive process, you can put down, the priority of the corresponding program under Windows 8.1!

Click in the Windows 8.1 Task Manager the Tab Details (... see Image-1 Arrow-1) and select the program that is to get to a lower priority. With a mouse right-click the context menu appears, select the priority option and adjust them!
(... see Image-1 Arrow-2)

(Image-1) Performance and prioritization of processes under Windows 8.1 and 8!
Performance and prioritization of processes under Windows 8.1 and 8!

Using the Windows 8.1 Task Manager to end a program yourself might be faster than waiting, but any unsaved changes will be lost. If you have important work that you want to keep, wait a few minutes and let Windows 8.1 try to fix the problem first.

2.) To relieve Windows 8.1 via processes or programs kill!

If a program hangs, you can finish it completely by right-clicking!

Here in the example, Google's Chrome browser has hung up! Start Windows 8.1 Task Manager, click the Processes tab and highlight the Google Chrome browser, then select finish the task option by right-clicking in the menu, or click the End Task button! (... see Image-2)

(Image-2) End Task, Kill programs in Windows 8.1!
End Task, Kill programs in Windows 8.1!

If a program on your Windows 8.1 computer stops responding, Windows will try to find the problem and fix it automatically. If you don't want to wait, you can end the program yourself by using Windows 8.1 Task Manager.

3.) Restart the processes (programs)!

In Windows 8.1 Task-Manager via right-click on the CPU intensive program and restart!

Here in the example, the MS EXPLORER! Start Windows 8.1 Task Manager [Ctrl + Shift + Esc] click on the tab processes and highlight the MS EXPLORER, via a right-click open the menu, select Restart or click the Restart button!

Unfortunately, you can not restart all programs when using the Task Manager! But there is a solution:
... restart windows programs or processes with ProcessKO!

(Image-3) Restart programs and processes under Windows 8.1!
Restart programs and processes under Windows 8.1!

The Windows 8.1 Task Manager displays the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s performance or to close a program that's not responding on Windows 8.1.

FAQ 187: Updated on: June 24th 2015 12:17

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