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Help, Windows 7 has no games (find, install, play)?

Do not panic, with this method you have an easy way to deactivate (disable) or activate the games in Windows 7!

You or your installation assistant have probably forgotten to install (activate) the games on Windows-7, but with this method you have an easy way to deactivate (disable) or activate the games in Windows 7!

Start the "Control Panel" over Windows 7 Start Button "Start"Windows 7 System "Control Panel" Select (click) the "Programs" 
or: "Control Panel" >> >> Windows 7 System "All Control Panel Items" >> >> >> Windows 7 Energieoptionen "Programs and Features"

and then click on the "Turn Windows features on or off" (... see Image-1 Arrow-1)

In "The Windows Features" scroll down to "Games" (... see Image-1 Arrow-2) and here you uncheck or check the box for "Games"

See also: ... uninstall Programs and Features in Windows 7!

(Image-1) Activate the Windows 7 games!
Activate the Windows 7 games!

Uninstall the Games in Windows-7 over Windows 7 "Programs and Features" deactivate or activate allows users to disable or enable the games in Windows-7!

FAQ 39: Updated on: August 28th 2014 10:30
FAQ: Windows-7
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39. Help, Windows 7 has no games (find, install, play)? ***
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