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Change Shared Folders and Hard Drives in Windows 7 or add and remove!

Add or remove Shared Folders and Hard Drives in Windows 7 or change the settings, is best done through computer management in Windows 7 without to lose the overview!

The solution here is also for Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows Server 2008, 2012!

Please start the Windows 7 Control Panel and select Windows 7 Computer Management!

In the computer management of Windows 7 is a overview of the shared folders in Windows 7. (... see Image-1 Arrow-1)

1.) ... Removing / Stop the folder sharing! 
2.) ... Add folders or drives to the shared folder! 
3.) ... Share It With the home network group!

1.) Removing / Stop folder and HD sharing on Windows-7! 

Start the Windows-7 computer management via compmgmt.msc command!

Here you can via mouse right click on the folder or drive change the sharing settings via the "Properties" option or directly "stop sharing". (... see Image-1 Arrow-1,2,3,4)

(Image-1) Stop Folders Sharing in Windows 7!
Stop Folders Sharing in Windows 7!
You can stop sharing a folder or drive by using the Windows-7 Shared Folders Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in or by using a command prompt.

Important Users connected to a shared folder are disconnected when you stop sharing it on Windows-7. Users may lose data if you stop sharing a folder containing an open shared file without warning. When possible, notify users before you stop sharing a Windows-7 folder.

2.) Add folders or drives to the shared folder! 

Via mouse right-click on Shares (... see Image-2 Arrow-1) You can share additional folders or hard drives!

(Image-2) New Share Folders or HD in Windows 7!
New Share Folders or HD in Windows 7!
There are on Windows-7 several methods you can use to share folders and files with others on the network. The Create a Shared Folder Wizard guides you through the steps of setting up a basic shared folder. You can also use the command-line interface to share a folder or drive in Windows-7.

3.) Share It With the home network group!

With a right click on the shared folder and select "Properties", then click share permission and add user "Everyone".

And adjust the access permission "Full", "Change", "Read" (... see Image-3 Arrow-1)

For home network set on all PCs the same Work-Group:
See this: ...change Computer name and workgroup name (settings) in Windows 7!

(Image-3) Shared Folders for Home Network Group in Windows-7!
Shared Folders for Home Network Group in Windows-7!
Check the Windows-7 Share Permissions that are set for the Everyone group. If there is a check mark in the Deny column, no one will be able to access the shared folder, even if Full Control permissions are granted to the Administrators group. Remove the check mark and grant Full Control to appropriate users and groups on Windows-7.

FAQ 102: Updated on: April 28th 2014 11:25

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