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Do i have Windows 10 x86, x32 or x64 on my computer?

It“s easy to see in Windows 10 when running on the x32 (x86) or x64 installed version of Windows!

Please start eg ope the ► Windows-Logo+X ► ControlPanel ► System in Windows-10!

Keyboard shortcut [Win-Logo]+[R], then easy type the command control.exe /name Microsoft.System and confirm the command with [ENTER]!

And now, you can see in the ControlPanel/System if it is the Windows-10 x32(x86) x32/x86 (32 bit) or x64 (32-bit) Edition!
(... see Image-1 Arrow-1)

from here you also have a quick access to:
Windows-10 Device Manager.
Remote settings on Windows-10.
System protection for Windows 10.
Advanced system settings in Windows-10.

(Image-1) Windows 10 x32 or x64 on the PC?
Windows 10 x32 or x64 on the PC?

The links in the left pane provide access to additional Windows-10 system settings.

Use Device Manager to change settings and update drivers on Windows-10.

Windows-10 Remote settings to change settings for Remote Desktop, which you can use to connect from Windows-10 to a remote computer, and Remote Assistance, which you can use to invite someone to connect to your computer to help with a Windows-10 PC problem.

System protection to manage Windows-10 settings that automatically create the restore points that System Restore uses to restore your Windows-10 computer's system settings. You can turn System Protection on or off for the disks on your Windows 10 PC, and you can create restore points manually.

Advanced system settings in Windows 10 for access and advanced performance, user profile, and system startup settings, including Data Execution Prevention, which monitors programs and reports possible security attacks. You can also change your Windows-10 virtual memory settings.

FAQ 37: Updated on: April 6th 2017 15:57
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