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I am visually impaired! How do I enlarge the font on my System for my computer screen eg. desktop?

Of course!

For Windows XP with the C:\Windows\System32\accwiz.exe is simple!
For Vista


1a) with right-click on the "Desktop" > "Properties" then "Settings"
1b) "START" > "Settings" > "Control Panel" "Display"

2) Tab "Settings" > "Advanced"

3) Tab "General" > "DPI-Settings"

See also:
... change or set Windows 7 default font settings to bold, italic!
... change font size and font type for programs in Windows 8.1/8!
... problems with fonts on Windows 8.1 how to reset font to default!

1a) 1b)

2) Tab "Properties" > "Advanced"

3) Tab "General" > "DPI-Settings"
General DPI-Settings

If your screen resolution makes screen items too small to view comfortably, you can increase the DPI to compensate. To change font sizes only, click Cancel and go to the Appearance tab..

Some programs might not operate properly unless you restart the computer after changing display settings.

After I change display settings restart the PC

FAQ 3: Updated on: September 7th 2014 12:54
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