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Update on: January 20th 2017
Suitable for Microsoft : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2000-2016, XP, Vista, x64/x32/x86
New in version 2.74 // September 2th 2016
Bugfix: occasional crash under Windows 10 in some system configurations.

New in version 2.72 // June 17th 2016
New language in 12-Ants: Greek and Update of the language files in the 12 ants!
Thanks to geogeo.gr for Greek language.

New in version 2.71 // April 18th 2016
Update of the language files in the 12 ants!
Improvements for Windows 10 and Windows-Server 2016 in 12 ants.

New in version 2.66 // September 26th 2015
Full functionality of 12-Ants on Windows 10.

New in version 2.62 // June 12th 2015
Small adjustments in 12-Ants for the new Windows 10.

New in version 2.61 // December 11th 2014
Verification and testing of 12-Ants on Windows 10 Technical-Preview.

New in version 2.56 // April 29th 2014
Small adjustments in 12-Ants and new language in 12-Ants: French
Thanks to jem6ndy for the French language.

New in version 2.55 // April 11th 2014
Correction in 12-Ants on win 8 x64!
New language in 12-Ants: Finnish and Italian
Thanks to Renato Buratti and Arturo Aisensi for the Italian language.
Thanks to VM for the Finnish language.

New in version 2.52 // April 5th 2014
Small adjustments in 12-Ants and new language in 12-Ants: Russian
Thanks to Andrey Kravtsov for the Russian language.

New in version 2.51 // March 25th 2014
New language in 12-Ants: Vietnamese.
Small adjustments for x64 (Wow64) in 12-Ants and optional Start with Windows.
Thanks to KHUU GIA SAN for the Vietnamese language.

New in version 2.41 // February 23th 2014
Improvements for x64 operating systems Vista , Windows-7, Windows-8.1 and Server. Update of the language files in 12-Ants.

New in version 2.33 // November 9th 2013
Verification, validation, and further testing for/on Windows-8.1.

New in version 2.31 // August 21th 2013
Small adjustments for Win 8.1 and updating the language files in 12-Ants.

New in version 2.26 // July 22th 2013
Optimization of the movement algorithm!
Fixed bug in the translation export!

New in version 2.22 // June 17th 2013
Improvements for x64 operating systems and resolve the problem on some ATI video cards.

New in version 2.12 // March 2th 2013
Corrections in 12-Ants for Win-8 x64 and language files update.

New in version 2.11 // October 24th 2012
1. X64 version for 64-bit operating systems Windows XP, Vista , Seven, Eight...., 32-Bit version works also on x64 but x64 is x64.
2. Migrating to Unicode and update of the languages files in 12-Ants.
3. Advanced testing and verification on Windows 8 Enterprise.
Download: ... Download Windows-8 Enterprise and test it!

New in version 2.05 // August 17th 2012
Some improvements and adjustments for the new Windows 8 and tests at Windows 8 Release Preview.
New language in Desktop-Ants: Romanian.
Thanks to Jaff (Oprea Nicolae) for the Romanian (Romāna) language.

New in version 1.71 // July 26th 2012
Some improvements for x64 OS and language files update.

New in version 1.56 // May 20th 2012
Small corrections in "12-Ants" and Tests on Windows-8.

New in version 1.55 // January 30th 2012
Small corrections translations feature, over the button [LNG].

New in version 1.51 // November 26th 2011
1. Small corrections in 12-Ants.
2. An optional translations feature for people in their country, over the [# LNG] button.

New in version 1.49 // October 2th 2011
General optimization in 12-Ants

New in version 1.48 // August 31th 2011
Optimization of the motion algorithm and small bug fix in Win-7.

New in version 1.47 // July 1th 2011
Correction of drawing and illustration of the ants and optimization in motion algorithm.

New in version 1.46 // June 1th 2011
New: On user request, you can now optionally set the color of the ants, red, pink, blue, etc.

New in version 1.45 // May 15th 2011
Small correction at the ants speed at Windows 7 x64 and Server 2008!

New in version 1.44 // October 20th 2010
Small correction at the ants motion algorithm!

New in version 1.42 // September 15th 2010
Reviewing the program and recompiling 12-Ants, because virus alert from some virus scanners, although no virus was present. In any case, this message is no longer present (at 1.42).

New in version 1.41 // May 26th 2010
Bug fix in 12-Ants:
1. Unintended Start with Windows.
2. Correction of flicker in drawing, when the program is started in Windows 7 and Vista.

New in version 1.00 // December 10th 2009
Bugfix Trayicon in Windows-7 and Vista.

New in version 1.00 // August 26th 2009
The First!

Program Keys: Action ants itching desktop screen allergies

# About # History # Eula # Screenshots # Download (22 KB) # EN DE


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